TBT: Phoenix, AZ

My first “Throw Back Thursday” blog style!  Back in August of 2001 I spent two glorious weeks in Phoenix, AZ.  Now I know, “Phoenix in August? And she doesn’t mean ‘glorious’ in the sarcastic way?”  Crazy talk, I know, but I loved it.  First off, it’s true what they say about “dry heat”.  Minus the humidity, a 115F day could feel nothing more than a hot 88F.  Our hotel of choice was the The Hyatt Regency in Downtown Phoenix.  Back in the day this hotel was absolutely amazing.  Beautiful didn’t even being to describe it.  I only utilized the bedroom and pool area but, oh my, it was awesome.  Today, 13 years later, I have no doubt it would blow me away.  The photos on the website look stunning, yet I have no doubt that the pictures do not do the rooms justice.  I would love to go back and check it all out today.

It’s amazing how age can change your perspective on traveling.  Back then I was just in the “take it all in” mode and I wasn’t too adventurous.  I actually went on this trip with my then boyfriend and his dad for his father’s business trip.  I was also a mere 19 years old at the time.  So no drinking for me (yes, I was a good girl back then, I followed the rules!).  Therefore I cannot, unfortunately, comment on the bar scene at the time.  I did check out the local mall.  I forget what it was called back then but a quick search of GoogleMaps and I believe it’s what’s now call the Arizona Mills Mall.  They had the first Neiman Marcus (last call) that I had ever been to.  That mall was amazing to little old me.  Also went to one of the coolest baseball stadiums I had ever been to – the Arizona Diamonbacks Stadium.  An indoor stadium with climate control – I thought I had died and gone to baseball heaven.

So, 13 years later, I still think fondly on my time in AZ.  I wish I had done more (though transportation was a bit of an issue at the time).  I also wish I could remember the names of all of those cute little shops I visited, or even the direct from the hotel I was walking in to get to them.  I would love to do it again as a chick in her 30’s.  This time, I would even bring the updated man in my life =).  Love you hubby!


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