TBT: Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA (for the non-Harvard student)

Back in my college day’s, after a, one year, unsuccessful stint at Long Island University: CW Post (awesome school, but too much for this former Nassau chick to do so I was easily distracted), I transferred to Eastern Connecticut State University (Fall of 2001).  I loved Eastern for many reasons, but mostly because I found it much easier to focus since I was in a more rural area of CT.  On the weekends I did find myself rather bored, so I went exploring.  I would take monthly day trips up to the Boston/Cambridge area, which was an approximate 2 hour drive away.  Whether with friends or on my own, I always had a good time in the Cambridge area.  A fun area to relax, read, or explore is Harvard Yard.  It’s beautiful.  And despite having a reputation as being the “school of snobs”, I found the students to be like the rest of us, friendly and also just looking to relax on their off time.  It also wasn’t as congested as Boston was and it was much easier to find parking at the time.  I would usually grab a park bench and read a good book, have some awesome local clam chowder (in a bread bowl!), window-shop along the perimeter of the college, have a cup of coffee or tea, or grab a drink at a local bar.

After looking at an updated map of area attractions, I’d say I would do something things differently.  Sure, I would love to take in the scenery of Harvard Square, relax on a park bench, and/or window shop with a good cup of coffee in hand on a crisp Autumn day, but I would add a few things to the itinerary.  For starters I would definitely do a Ghost Tour.  You heard right; a ghost tour.  If you want to learn the history of a city and not just hear about the cheery parts, I would always recommend a ghost tour.  Looks like Cambridge has a Haunted Harvard Tour that I would totally love to try out.  I would love to check out a show from the American Repertory Theater.  And I would, of course, check out what the night life has to offer.


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