I love fall

I love everything that’s fall.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Halloween is awesome too!  I love the crisp in the air.  The smell of pumpkin and apple pies.  The taste of apple cider (and now hard cider!!).  Apple cider sangria (thank you pinterest!).  The changing of the leaves….  And most of all, I love New England in the fall.  That was my most favorite thing about college – New England in the fall.

I went to Eastern Connecticut State University.  In 2001 it was mostly a teaching school but to my luck, it happened to have a kick-ass Sociology department.  I feel that I got an unbelievable education and, despite not being a Connecticut resident, I still got it for a more affordable price than had I continued my education at a private college.  Nothing beat walking to class and looking at the trees, feeling the cooling air on my cheeks, driving around the area and taking in the scenery.  Loved it.

Looking forward to my next venture into New England in the fall: Salem, MA.  As crazy as this sounds, I’ve actually never been there.  And to be in town right before Halloween is very exciting to me.  The hubby and I are going with another couple, the same couple who introduced us to cruising, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Since our friends had never been to Salem either this will be an adventure for the both of us!

When you think of Salem, you can’t help but think of the the Salem Witch Trials.  I also think of The Crucible, you rock Winona 😉  This town appears to take great pride in their bewitching history and it looks like ghost tours are one of the top things to do, and if anyone knows me, I’m game!  It looks like they have a “red line” much like Boston’s Freedom Trail, to help maneuver one’s adventure through the historical sites.

Stay tuned to upcoming post(s) on the Salem trip!!!


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