Even a travel blogger sometimes has a difficult time finding the right vacation….

Objective: an amazing family vacation before the husbands puts a baby in my belly.

Problem: money

Solution: working on it…

Try as I might, but I am having a difficult time finding a vacation package for myself, my husband and our two boys.  We are looking to have this vacation be the last big one with the kids until after the pre-production (aka, I’m not pregnant… yet…) addition is a bit older.  With a budget of (well, I’m not entirely sure what he budget is… so I’ll guess) $2500, you’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult, but it is.  Wanting something to make everyone happy, wanting something where my family will be safe and wanting something that is budget friendly to keep my husband happy is no easy task.

Redo an old adventure?

We tossed around the idea of recreating our vacations from 2 and 3 years ago.  Three years ago we spend a week in Wilmington, NY seeing family.  It was nice.  We learned a lot about the area.  The kids had a blast with their cousins.  Two years ago we had a road trip in New England.  Spent a few days in Boston with the husband’s aunt.  South Boston was a great location and his aunt definitely took us off the beaten path when it came to sightseeing.  Then we hit up Vermont, rented a cabin by the lake and took an opportunity to spend some time with my grandmother and aunt.  It was nice, laid back for the most part and beautiful.  But, we didn’t want to take the mooching off or relatives route again this year.  We’ll save that for when we have another child.

Last summer was awesome.  As you may recall from my inaugural post, the hubby and I took the boys on our first family cruise.  Thank you Carnival for a memorial experience ( and I do mean that in the most heartwarming way possible ).  But what to do this year?

Mike and I just took a cruise on Carnival back in April for his 40th birthday.  So, while a cruise is always appealing, we’re thinking lets not jump right back onto the ship just yet, since we just got our land-legs back and all.  Plus we did a cruise with the kids last year, we do want to keep it exciting for them after all.  Initially I was looking into another road trip.  I had an idea of driving up to Montreal and staying there for a few days, then hit up Mike’s Aunt again in Boston (since the boys keep saying they want to see Aunt Getty again) before returning home.  But as Mike so correctly pointed out, we will need lots of cash for food and activities for the kids.

Then Mike shocked me in a way that only he could… My husband the miser suggested an all-inclusive with the boys.  Oh. My. God.  Great, lets run with this!  Except he won’t give me a specific budget.  I just know him and assume that something closer to the $2000 mark would be ideal.  I can likely stretch it to $2500 – 2700 mark if I find some amazing deal that cannot be passed up.

Ok, onto my usual resources for an amazing all-inclusive deal.  Oh crap!  Forgot one thing… I’m actually looking to go away during a peak travel season.  Doh!

Needless to say, this isn’t as easy as I would have liked it to be.  But I want to be sure and happy with this decision for my family, since for the most part, it all falls on me to plan and book this activity.

Thus far these have been my go-to sights for deals:


I’ll keep ya posted on what I (we – in theory) decide.


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