Thank God for the creation of these little gems

When you have a baby, you absolutely need provisions.  Now some things just make life easier, and when you are sleep deprived, you need all the help you can get.  This is my little list of must have items for a new born.  Now, I want to note that my list does not include the reduntent no-brainier items (i.e.: bottles, clothes, ect…).  When we go to have another baby (yes Mike, we are having at least one more), these are items I will either hang on to or buy new again.

  • The SwaddlePlus by Aden + Anais.  I absolutely love these blankets.  I have 6 of them and could easily use more.  These are breathable swaddled blankets and they are awesome, especially since I have a summer baby.  They are soft, sturdy, wrap up my baby like a dream and don’t leave him a sweaty mess when he wakes.  I used the as a blanket, swaddle, burp cloth, changing pad, ect…  So many uses.  I love them.
  • Avent Soothie, because all babies need a binkie.  Yes I believe that.  Yes it’s good for them to self soothe.  These things are awesome.  
  • Tommie Tippee bibs.  These things are great!  They have this dribble absorbent ring around the neck area which is great with newborns since they are tiny and this stays close to their tiny necks (bibs with big gaps in the neck area annoy me since the dribble/spit-up can go down their necks).  
  • World Explorer ExerSaucer.  Right now Lucas is only on the infant activity mat part of it but this sucker will stay with our little squirt probably well after his 1st birthday.  He loves it and he’s only a month old.  
  • Baby Jogger Stroller is the bomb.  We have the car seat by Britex and we love both.  The main selling feature, besides the cool design, is the fact that you pull the little fabric lever and it folds right up.  I’m a total spaz when it comes to strollers and I manage to not look like an idiot with this one.  Worth the money.  
  • The Boppy, because everyone needs a Boppy.  Not sure you need a Boppy?  If nothing else you need the Boppy during those 3 am feedings when you are holding your baby and trying not to fall asleep during his feeding and drop said baby.  You’ll be grateful that you had the Boppy, it just may save your baby’s life.  Also, it comes in handy as a pillow for mom  as an alternative to the horrible pillows at the hospital before you’re discharged with said cute baby.  You’ll thank me later.

I hope these help someone out there!


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