Where’s the “go”?

Lately Tara isn’t going anywhere, at least not far.  Yes, it’s due to the baby for the most part and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love maternity leave and NEVER want to go back to work, but, I do want a vacation.  All jesting (pervious post) aside, I’m honestly stumped with trying to figure out how to balance our little bundle of joy with Mike and I going away from a little weekend get away.  We would definitely bring him along.  I’m no where near ready to leave him with anyone else for over nights at this point.  Usually when the hubby and I think about a little weekend get away, we immediately think of two locations: Wilmington, VT and Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.  Mike and I got engaged in Wilmington (The White House Inn) and while at my cousins wedding in Baltimore, an old college friend recommended hanging out in Fells Point, it was a hit with us.  We love the history, the vibe, the bars.  Oh, the bars!  But a bar is no place for a baby.  And Vermont, while beautiful, we are thinking about going away from said 3 day weekend getaway during our anniversary, which is in December, and thus really cold in Vermont.  So what to do that isn’t too far from home and infant appropriate?  Hmm… 


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