Help me dress my baby?!

Want to help me dress my baby?  He’s a cute baby, see:

Tummy time (11 weeks old)

I am in search for a Halloween costume.  I have two ideas in mind, a monkey and a panda.  Why you ask?  Because he makes these cure little money noises and on his activity mat he keeps baby babbling to a plastic panda.  You’d think those would be easy cute costumes to find, right?  We’ll, to find one that’s drop dead adorable and affordable is proving to be nearly impossible.  I’ve had no luck what so ever with the panda costume.  Regarding the monkey, I’ve found some (toys r us, Amazon, ect…) on the usual websites but nothing that’s super cute or has great reviews or that’s available in his size (my baby is only 11.5 lbs and he’s 24 inches long).  I’m finding plenty available (monkey costume) for babies that are 12 months + but clearly that won’t work for my little blue eyed boy.  Any suggestions?  If you come across any websites that have what I’m looking for please let me know!!!


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